NaturalDietPills - Illegal charges to my credit card.

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I did business with Frontier Pharmacy over a year ago. I used my credit card to purchase. Here it is more than a year later and has charged my credit card for items we did not order.

Apparently they are some how linked to Frontier Pharmacy and Frontier Pharmacy has shared my credit card information with Natural Diet Pills.

We have logged a complant with the proper agencies.

Beware of giving your credit card information to these two companies.

It is a shame that companies like this give all other companies trying to do good business practices on line a bad rep.

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Pissed pharmacies

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Not resolved

i got this phone call from my mom this morning with her yelling at me for ordering diet pills from this company when i knew we had no money.she didnt believe me when i told her that i had done no such thing.we called the number from the website but all it tells you is that they are busy with customers and that you can do a live chat on

that is a complete lie.

you get there and they tell you to send an OFFLINE message. grr this is very frustrating and we are going after them for all they have. i found out today that we are not the only ones that have been charged from this company. this is so wrong and they need to pay for this.

we are contacting a lawyer and going to sue.

please let me know if there are others dealing with this, thank you.

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Who gave them your credit card number? They don't just send them out at random, they're too money hungry to do that. Somebody ordered them.

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